Probate and Estate Settlement

For many people, “probate” is a mysterious and intimidating prospect. Many people have heard about, or may have even personally experienced, extended and expensive probate court proceedings.

Probate does not have to be that way. Essentially, probate is merely a means by which ownership of assets is changed from a deceased person to others.

Most of our clients experience such a simplified probate process. In fact, most clients never need to walk into a probate court. Based on our decades of experience in handling probates of all sizes, we are able to get our clients to their desired end result as efficiently as possible.

There are also other tasks that must be dealt with when someone passes away. For example, there are usually tax returns to be filed. Trusts may exist which need to be distributed and terminated. As with the probate process, over the years we have navigated clients through a wide variety of estate settlement situations.

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