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A Simple Yet Powerful Practice to Prevent Falls

Winter may be (gradually) on its way out, but slips and falls are still a very real threat for anyone spending time outside. For seniors especially, the general risk of falls—indoors or out—is higher than the rest of the population. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say… read more »

Help for Seniors Affected by RIPTA Cuts

Earlier this month, there was a big setback for many transit users in Rhode Island: the elimination of no-fare bus rides for low-income disabled and elderly people. RIPTA passPrior to February 1st, those who qualified could receive a no-fare bus pass, which enabled thousands of people to maintain independent lives –… read more »

How Rhode Island Seniors Can Get Help with Heating Bills

In the depths of winter, the last thing seniors should be worrying about is whether they can pay their heating bills, though this is an unfortunately reality for many. But thanks to new federal funding, more Rhode Island seniors will be able to get financial assistance with their home heating… read more »

Aging in Place: Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

Being able to to bathe, dress, and feed ourselves is something that many of us take for granted. But for seniors, being able to manage these basic daily tasks can mean the difference between aging in place in their own homes, and requiring a move to a nursing home or… read more »

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