Medicaid Applications

Qualifying a loved one for Medicaid benefits is a daunting prospect for most people. In addition to the complex forms and volumes of materials required by the State, clients have questions such as, “Am I supposed to continue to pay the nursing home?” and “How long does this take?”

That’s where we come in. We deal with the State and with the nursing home on behalf of our clients throughout the entire Medicaid application process. Our clients never need to deal with the State. Instead, our clients interact with us and we deal with the State.

In addition, we submit Medicaid applications that contain more than just the required forms. We explain the steps that we advised our client to take to preserve assets that would otherwise be subject to “spenddown” for nursing home costs. The Medicaid applications we prepare and submit for clients also describe precisely why such asset preservation actions are allowable under the State’s regulations.

Once we submit the Medicaid application, we stay with our clients for as long as it takes the State to process and approve the application. Following approval, we advise our clients how to ensure that their loved one remains qualified for these benefits.

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