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“Count It, Lock It, Drop It”: How to Safely Store and Dispose of Prescription Medication

Rhode Island seniors have an important role to play in fighting back against opioid addiction in our state, according to a new program recently launched by the South Kingstown Partnership for Prevention and the Narragansett Prevention Partnership.

The campaign, called “Count It, Lock It, Drop It“, gives seniors the information they need to keep their medication from winding up in the hands of family members who may be addicted to or want to experiment with prescription opioid drugs such as Oxycodone and Hydrocodone, or even inadvertently consumed by curious toddlers or young children.

The premise is simple:

  • Count It: know what medication you have on hand
  • Lock It: keep your medication locked and safe
  • Drop It: take any unused, unwanted, or expired medication to your local police department for secure, no-questions asked disposal

According to organizers, the holidays are the ideal time to spread awareness of this educational campaign. Heidi Driscoll is coordinator of the South Kingstown Partnership for Prevention:

“We’re really trying to work with the seniors in our community, especially now that the holidays are coming,” she said. “People are going to be at your house, and we really want to make them aware … no one wants to think that their grandson or granddaughter [is] going to be in fishing through their medicine cabinet, but the reality is kids do that.”

Everyone wants the holidays to be a safe and happy time, and following the principles of “Count It, Lock It, Drop It” is one simple way to to reach that goal.


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