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I love this job!

A recent issue of the New Yorker magazine contained an extended piece about the “Piano Man”, Billy Joel. In the article, the author described Billy Joel’s monthly sojourns from his estate on Long Island to sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden.

After performing for 20,000 enthusiastic fans in New York City, while in the private helicopter on the way home to Long Island, looking down on the views of the New York skyline and Long Island Sound, the writer quotes Billy Joel as saying “I love this job”! (Actually, Billy added an adjective—one not suitable for inclusion on this blog– to his emphasize his gratitude.)

I cannot sing or play a musical instrument.  The “venue” in which I primarily work is a small, yet comfortable conference room. I do not have an audience ready to have fun, but instead clients who are often anxious  about a situation facing them.

For example, the day after I read the New Yorker article, I met with a woman and her intelligent and devoted daughter.  My client was worried about the sudden decline in the condition of her husband and alarmed at the impact of his future illness on their financial well-being.  Her daughter was concerned about both of her parents and was there to provide support.

After an initial meeting lasting nearly two hours, the daughter turned her mother and said, “You see, Mom it is not nearly as bad as you thought it was going to be”!   The wife then raised her hand to her daughter and they exchanged “high-fives”.

As I was driving myself home that evening, I reflected that despite the vast gap in talent (plus methods of commuting) Billy Joel and I have one thing in common – we both love our jobs.

Yet another thing for which to be grateful on this Thanksgiving weekend.

This post first appeared on the Long Term Care Planning Blog on November 30, 2014.

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