Client Stories

Brian, his mother Betty and Medicaid

Brian had been caring for his mother, Betty, in her home for years, filling two essential roles: essentially doing the work of a certified nursing assistant as well as managing all homemaking tasks including laundry, cooking, cleaning, and running errands. It was a lot of hard work, but Brian persevered because he loved his mother and felt her quality of life would be better if she stayed in her own home, and had regular interaction with him and their other …

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Muriel & Herb’s Estate Plan

At Heffner & Associates, we often point out to our clients “It’s never too late.” But when parents have developed a plan for their estate well ahead of time, it’s a pleasure for us to watch the results unfold for their children in exactly the way their parents had hoped.

Take, for example, Muriel and her husband, Herb who had come to see us for their estate planning. They knew that when they passed away, they would likely be leaving …

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