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AARP Scorecard Ranks Rhode Island’s Performance in Supporting Its Seniors

According to a new state-by-state “Scorecard” report from the AARP, Rhode Island is ranked 32nd nationwide for meeting the long-term care needs of its more vulnerable residents, including seniors.

The report, titled “Picking Up the Pace of Change: A State Scorecard on Long-Term Services and Supports for Older Adults, People with Physical Disabilities, and Family Caregivers”, examines 25 specific indicators grouped under five distinct categories, and gives Rhode Island the following rankings relative to other states:

  • Overall: 32th
  • Affordability and Access: 34th
  • Choice of Setting and Provider: 30th
  • Quality of Life & Quality of Care: 24th
  • Support for Family Caregivers: 22th
  • Effective Transitions (Between Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and Homes): 35th

From a more nationwide perspective, it also notes optimistically that 42 states have now migrated toward more person- and family-centered strategies that support the role of family caregivers.

The Scorecard, which is an annual report started by the AARP in 2014, provides a useful glimpse at how well Rhode Island is currently serving its senior residents, and highlights those areas that may warrant improvement through targeted changes to legislation and policy.

In terms of a prognosis for the future, it also points out that in less than 10 years, the generation of “Baby Boomers” will begin to turn 80 years old. This means that there will likely be an increased demand on the existing long-term care system, and perhaps a shift in the nature of the needs it should ideally be addressing.

The full AARP Scorecard, along with an interactive map of state rankings and information, is available at

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