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SAFE-D Helps Seniors Shovel Out

There was a silver lining to the winter storms that walloped Rhode Island earlier this year. Rhode Islanders showed true generosity and put their helping hands to work through a wonderful volunteer initiative called SAFE-D (Storm Assistance for Elderly & Disabled). Run by Serve Rhode Island, SAFE-D has helped nearly 600 Rhode Islanders in need shovel out from the snow since the start of 2015.

In their February newsletter, Serve Rhode Island describes the project’s achievements to date:

“Between January 28th and February 10th, 139 volunteers have completed over 597 shoveling assignments. Many volunteers have helped 5 or more residents. One volunteer completed 35 jobs!”

SAFE-D is still looking for volunteers to make it through the rest of the winter, as there is almost certainly more snow yet to come.

Volunteers help with snow clearing for “those without neighbors, family, or resources for paid services, and those with medical conditions demanding their quick clearance of snow”. The services is provided “after major winter storms, typically six inches of snow or more or when there is extensive icing”.  If you or someone you know can help, use the registration form here to sign up and be matched with a nearby resident in need.

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