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Supporting Someone with Alzheimer’s? There are Apps for That

An article on page 3 of the Fall/Winter 2014 Rhode Island Alzheimer’s Association newsletter caught our attention. It lists dozens of iPad or iPhone apps that can be useful for people living with or supporting someone with Alzheimer’s disease.

Originally published on the Alzheimer’s Association Northern California and Northern Nevada Blog, the list is broken up into themes:

  • Enjoyment apps — music (research has shown music from one’s teens and twenties can help evoke memories), interactive drawing and games, a virtual potter’s wheel, and other entertaining activities
  • Relaxation apps – soothing music, sounds and scenery, meditation and mindfulness, and relaxation games
  • Memory and focus apps – brain games, challenges and daily activity trackers
  • Wandering/tracking & GPS apps
  • Medication management – reminders and information storage
  • Caregiving – scheduling help, reminders, communication tools, and health information sharing tools
  • Alzheimer’s info and resources – news and health information

The list’s author, Alzheimer’s Association volunteer Diane Blum, notes that most are free or low-cost and all have either a high user rating or have been positively referenced on caregiving-focused websites.

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